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The Man that Defined Scandal!

Hello my dearest!

Shall I interest you with the man that invented the term “Bad Boy” in the Regency?

Aah bad boys are my biggest weakness, I admit it! But, even if you prefer Mr. Nice Guy, you still can’t ignore how fascinating scandal stories are!

So who is this man that will entertain us with his turbulent life?

This could be no other than the notoriously rakish and intentionally provocative, the one and only Lord Byron!

First of all, let me make it clear that whole books could be written about this man’s life and sexual adventures, so I will try to keep it as short and informative as possible! So many lovers, so little time! 

George Gordon Byron, born in 1788, seemed to have no care for societal norms and decorum whatsoever and of course, he paid that dearly. His actions are very provocative even for today’s standards, so let’s look at them with an open mind!

Soo, this is a picture of his female lovers only! Because...guess what! He had a thing for men as well. But this is of course nothing compared to his like for adolescents. Yikes!

The strange thing though, was that both men and women wanted him and went at great lengths for his attention. Men even imitated his style! He might have been the Regency Era Elvis lol!

But one of the worst things said about him is that he had a standing relationship with his half-sister, Augusta Leigh (lady at top right)! And their illegitimate child served as proof for this!

The rest of his mistresses were actresses or even married women. But the only way for him to preserve what little was left from his name was to marry! And you can already guess the outcome…

His wife, Anne Isabella Milbanke, asked for legal separation only a year after. She just couldn’t stand the scandal that preceded him and his ever growing debts! 

So in 1816, England had no more room for him anymore. He traveled through Europe and decided to take part in Greece’s War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire.

He found purpose there and some more male lovers. He pursued his Greek page, Lukas Chalandritsanos, with whom he had fallen madly in love, but the affections went unrequited.

Then, Byron was infatuated with the teenage Chalandritsanos, whom he spoiled outrageously, spending some £600 (more than $24,600) to cater to his every whim, but Chalandritsanos was only interested in Byron's money.

In 1824, Lord Byron died and despite his wishes, he was sent back to England for his burial!

So what do you think about this Regency Era bad boy? Do you think he deserves his fame? I wonder why he was so popular with women!

Written by Violet Hamers
Source: Wikipedia


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  • I feel the Lord Byron deserved his fame for his writing if nothing else. I don’t agree with his sexual
    appetites or choices but to each his/her own. He apparently had a very interesting life.

  • I don’t think much of him at all, he was rather disgusting. I enjoy a bit of the bad guy, but usually one with some redeeming qualities and he misses the mark royally.

  • I have read much on the life and loves of Lord byron. His fathering his half sisters child is said to be a lie perpetrated by Anne Milbanke. He only met her shortly before the child’s birth. A wonderful part of his story is his friendship with Percy Bysse Shelley and Mary Wollstonecroft Shelley. It was a bet as to who could write the scariest story that brought about Frankenstein.

  • Well, bad boy……I don’t think so by today’s standards, then he really was. I think people flocked to him was because he was so very good looking, a standard observed not only then but now, too. From the portraits above, I liked him dressed as a corsair, so very handsome, the other shows his soft good looks, which are not so appealing to me but by Regency standards quite appealing. Goodness, I am talking about standards too much. His behaviour was scandalous & as for siring a son by his half-sister, that really took the cake as this is incestuous & not acceptable even today.

  • I agree even by out relaxed standards today he would have still been quite scandalous! Have no idea how by the standards of that time he wasn’t hanged!

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